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How does it work?

Get stated in only 3 steps

1. Talk to us

We talk to you to thoroughly assess your content, needs, and goals

2. Translator Matching
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We match you with a dedicated
translator who is the perfect fit
for your project

3. Get the Text
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You receive a high-quality
translated text and upload
it to your website

Why One Hour Translation?

One Hour Translation is a global leader in translation and localization with more than a decade of experience helping businesses expand to new language markets.

  • Trusted by 100,000 clients, including the world’s  
    leading businesses

  • Works with 25,000+ professional translators immersed in  
    your target audience’s local culture  

  • Experts in website copy and marketing content

Quick. Simple. Professional.

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About Wix Partnership

We have partnered with Wix to offer you a seamless experience translating your Wix website into another language.

  • We specialize in translating Wix websites  

  • Our team’s experts are familiar with the Wix platform and  
    can guide you step-by-step through the translation process

  • We can work with websites of all sizes and translate into  
    any language

Guaranteed Quality

All translations are proofread and verified by both our professional network
editorsand by our in-house language experts.
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What made us decide to work with OHT was their large pool of translators, especially here in China, and their turnaround time...

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Salem Tobji T - Xiaomi

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The reason we're picking OHT, again and again, is because of their scalability and their dependability....

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Irina Rakovich - Rail Europe

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OHT can meet our requirements for a quick turnaround. Since we publish our apps every week, that leaves 1 to 2 days time to do the localization...

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Yumeng Xia - Cheetah



Which parts of my website can be translated?
The Wix multilingual app supports translation for multiple parts of your site. You can view the full list here
Will I be able to review the translation and make comments?
Once the translator submits their work, you’ll receive an email and will get the chance to comment and communicate with the translator.
How much will the translation cost?
Our prices start at $0.1 per word, but vary according to the language pair and level of industry expertise required. You can view our full pricing list here.
In what form will I receive the translation?
The translation will be delivered as an Excel file, which will help you stay organized and upload and design the content according to your preferences.
How quickly will the translation be ready?
The turnaround time depends on the length of your translation. Our translators generally translate at a rate of 200 words per hour.
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One Hour Translation provides professional, fast and affordable human translation services, available 24/7. Our community of over 25,000 professional certified
translators around the world guarantees you will get high quality translation FAST! One Hour Translation is the leading web-based Professional Translation Agency.


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